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Heard about the new E10 low emission petrol? Arthurs explain how the switch will affect you…

Arthurs Motor group have been providing new & used vehicles, service, MOT, parts & repair to the Shropshire, Powys & Wrexham areas for the best part of 40 years – so it’s fair to say they have seen it all! They have experienced a recent flurry of enquiries from customers worried about the change in fuel at UK petrol stations and how it will affect their vehicle. Here are the answers to the key questions their customers are asking…

Why is E10 petrol being introduced?

This September, The UK Government introduced a new lower emission fuel; E10 petrol. It’s aim is to try and lower CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year – that’s the equivalent removing 350,000 cars from our transport network!1 Reducing CO2 emissions from our vehicles will help to tackle climate change.

What is E10 petrol?

In a nutshell - E10 petrol is a mix of unleaded petrol and Ethanol (up to 10%). Ethanol is a renewable fuel source, so by using more in our fuel, it helps to reduce carbon emissions and the greenhouse gas this produces. It replaces E5 petrol as standard (E5 contains up to 5% Ethanol).

Can it damage my car?

Since 2011, all new vehicles manufactured are E10 compatible – therefore if your car is a 2011 or younger model you can fill up as normal and the change should not make any difference to your vehicle. Have a quick peek at your fuel filler opening, you may find a label showing which fuel your car or van can accept.

About 95% of vehicles manufactured prior to this date should also be compatible with E10 petrol1 but you may find you are having to fill up more often and you get less miles to the litre. You can still use E5 fuel for another 5 years – but it will be available as ‘super’ grade fuel.

Classic cars, some specific models and some mopeds may not be compatible – however if you fill up with E10 by mistake, it won’t mean you need to drain the engine (like a diesel mistake!) just make sure you fill up with E5 next visit to the petrol station.

Do I need to wait for an empty tank to refuel?

No, it’s ok to mix the two grades of petrol in the same tank e.g. you can fill up with E5 if E10 is not available and vice versa.

How can I tell if my car can use it?

To check if your car, van or motorbike can use E10 petrol, visit the website… or call Aftersales Team on 01686 625422

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