AutoTrader is something of an institution in British motoring circles.

Originally founded in 1975 by John Madejski the first Auto Trader released was Hurst's Thames Valley Trader in 1977 closely followed by Southern Auto Trader, which launched in 1981.

Issued weekly thereafter in a number of regional editions, this popular magazine soon became the go-to publication for drivers and motor retailers alike looking to either sell or buy a car. Circulation peaked at 368,000 per week in January 2000.

In 1996 the company launched its first website and this successfully ran in tandem with the magazine for 17 years. With visitors to the site increasing to 6.5 million by December 2012 the decision was made to discontinue the printed magazine and in 2013 the final editions of this iconic publication were sold.

Today the site attracts a staggering 11 million visitors per month and has grown to become an integral resource for Arthurs Group. As a sales tool it offers a flexible and user friendly platform on which to list cars. Useful features include updated stock levels and a very easy to use search function which makes it simple for buyers to find exactly what they want.

It is a flexible and user friendly sales tool with useful features and an easy to use search function which helps the buyers find exactly what they want.