Arthurs Director wins RARE AWARD..

A prestigious and extremely rare award has been presented to one of our tenured and loyal company directors within Arthurs Motor Group.

We are very proud of Jonathan Jones who is also a long serving Borderland Rotary Club member.

Jonathan Jones, who joined Arthurs Motor Group in 1977 and became a member of the Borderland Rotary Club in the early 1990s, received the rare Paul Harris Fellowship Award at the group's recent Christmas celebrations.

Jonathan's30 years of service within the Rotary club, has dedicated his rare and prestigious award to all his fellow group members.

The Paul Harris Fellowship Award, named after the founder of Rotary, is awarded for service that is way above and beyond what is normally expected of a Rotarian and to receive it once is very special but to get it twice is both 'unusual and quite remarkable'.

Jonathan Jones, Director Arthurs Motor Group: "This award is not for me but for everyone at Borderland and in the community that help make these events possible. Don’t forget the old saying, there’s no 'i in team'."

Borderland Rotary Club President Chris Bryan-Smith praised Jonathan's work, saying that he has been at the heart of all organised events since he started. He has been involved in the Borderland Mountain Bike Challenge started in 1994, the Christmas Parade for much of the 21st century and the Oswestry Fireworks.

Chris Bryan-Smith, Borderland Rotary Club President: "Jonathan not only runs these events but still finds time to arrange Pantomimes as well as being a husband, father and devoted grandfather, working full time at Arthurs Motor Group. Tending to his sheep and horses in his ‘spare time’ and as Jonathan already received the Paul Harris Fellowship Award in 2005, the only thing we can do is award him the very rare, Paul Harris Fellowship Sapphire Award."

The Oswestry Town Mayor, Councillor Jay Moore, attended the party to celebrate both another successful year and Jonathan's achievement of winning the award for a second time, albeit with a sapphire upgrade.

This is the first time it has been awarded by Borderland, and it was presented at the event by Cllr Moore.

The Oswestry Town Mayor: "You have brightened the lives of so many people in the wider community around Oswestry and I was thrilled to be asked to present this award, it is richly deserved."I don’t think there’d be much of a team without you, Jonathan."

Nigel Williams, Managing Director of Arthurs Motor Group:"I'm personally delighted that Jonathan has won such a rare Award, his professional growth, passion and dedication to not only our company but to many other groups and organisations is one to be admired. Congratulations Jonathan, for all your incredible work for the community over the years and sharing your success with your fellow members.