The Arthurs Group is racking up the Peugeot and Vauxhall awards.

Arthurs of Wrexham has clinched three Peugeot Guild of Gold Lion Awards whilst Arthurs Vauxhall of Oswestry and Newtown has achieved Vauxhall’s highly coveted Customer Excellence Award for the seventh time in a row.

Arthurs Oswestry and Newtown are also runners-up in the Vauxhall 360 Degree Review which covers all areas of the business.

On achieving their seventh consecutive Vauxhall Customer Excellence Award, Arthurs Retail Operator David Goldthorpe said: “This award is based on customer satisfaction when our national rankings for both sales and service are added together to give an overall score.

“We would very much like to take this opportunity of congratulating our Oswestry and Newtown teams for their contribution to us winning this award.

David Goldthorpe

“We are trading in a challenging economic environment and we recognise that it is more important than ever we give every customer the best possible customer experience each and every time.”

Their runners-up position, out of 314 Vauxhall dealers nationwide, is for customer satisfaction in sales and aftersales as well as new car retail market share - a new Vauxhall initiative for their dealers.

Said Arthurs Vauxhall Retail Operator David Goldthorpe: “The 360 Degree Performance and Quality Programme is based on customer satisfaction surveys on new car sales and service, mystery shops, market share and profitability.

“This is one of the awards which is at the top of Vauxhall’s agenda when measuring dealers and to be highly placed in this area is tremendous and highlights why Vauxhall hold us in such high esteem.”

Newtown has come top in the country out of 304 Vauxhall dealers in the Purchase Satisfaction Survey which guarantees Arthurs Vauxhall a Customer Excellence Award for 2019 for the seventh successive year.

The Arthurs Peugeot Guild of Gold Lion Awards are for the performance of the business, sales and aftersales.​