An employee dedicates and clocks up 25 years of service at our family firm, Arthurs Motor Group

Our accounts administrator at Arthurs Motor Group, family-owned award-winning dealership, is celebrating twenty-five years of service.

Margaret Maguire, who joined the company back in 1998, has loyally dedicated herself, reaching a quarter of a century milestone this year, in 2023.

Margaret has seen many developments as part of the company, including the growth and success of the family business, Arthurs Motor Group.

This week Nigel Williams, Managing Director of Arthurs Motor Group: presented Margaret Maguire with her 25 years of service, a beautiful gold watch and bouquet of flowers.

Margaret said, "Thank you, to Nigel and staff; I’ve made incredible, long-lasting friends."

Margaret continues.. "During my first few years, I was trained and mentored by Carol Thomas, and here I am, twenty-five years later. I have such good times here. Over the years, I’ve developed some strong friendships, and I’m grateful for every single one of them. I’ve been very lucky to have met and worked with such lovely people. Everyone makes the job so enjoyable.”

As Nigel awarded Margaret, he thanked her for her tenure of 25 years of service and concluded with, "I look forward to another 25 years...."

This is an extraordinary achievement—it shows true loyalty and a strong sense of belonging here at Arthurs Motor Group.