Corsa Electric Anniversary

Limited-Edition - available for immediate delivery

This is our latest beautiful limited-edition celebrates, which is the best of our Corsa models that embodies values that run from our shared past into an exciting and sustainable future.

The all-electric Corsa Electric Anniversary Edition is a true collectors’ item. This bold, stylish car makes the latest technology affordable, combining shared heritage and promise in a single Vauxhall.

We’ve created 1,000 models. And they’re now available to purchase, exclusively online.



Our Corsa Electric Anniversary Edition is only available as all-electric. With an impressive 222-mile range, you can switch to electric and stay charged more easily.

Styling & Technology
'Limited Edition' - for a reason, there are just 1,000 Corsa Electric Anniversary Edition 's available to purchase immediately. The colour, trim and wheels are also exclusive to this exciting new Corsa. We’re confident this Corsa will blow your socks off – so we're giving you socks for free.. Our award-winning Corsa Electric already comes packed with advanced technology. And for this limited-edition, we’ve built in even more tech, but without the price tag.