Thaw Before You Start Out With All New Insignia

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New Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport overcomes winter with premium features including remote control heating and heated windscreen

Thaw Before You Start Out With All New Insignia

As the UK remains in the firm grip of winter, with temperatures repeatedly sub-zero for the morning commute, drivers are having to start their days spending time to get their vehicle safe for the journey ahead. Vauxhall believes it has the perfect remedy to this though, with the new Insignia Grand Sport proving to have some of the hottest equipment in its class. 

The new Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport helps to banish the cold conditions of winter with several safety and comfort features, to keep not only the driver but also passengers comfortable when it is cold outside. Bringing premium technology to a mainstream model, the Insignia Grand Sport includes a remote controlled stationary heater – which enables the driver to heat the cabin before even leaving the house – while other features include heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel and a heated windscreen.

Reducing the need to spend time out in the cold scraping ice from view, the windscreen can be easily defrosted at the push of a button by a fine wire heating element. The heated windscreen also prevents fogging in humid conditions, further improving visibility and safety. The heating switches off automatically and can be reactivated if necessary by another press of the button.

In addition to the heated windscreen, the new Insignia Grand Sport provides drivers and passengers with several ways to keep warm. Drivers can stay snug thanks to the heated steering wheel, while heated seats are available not only for the driver and front passenger, but also for the occupants of the outer rear seats. The heating in the front is adjustable and can be controlled through the personalisation menu in the information display, while the 18-way adjustable heated driver’s seat also features massage and ventilation functions.

Thanks to the optional remote controlled stationary heater, the new Insignia warms up the passenger compartment before anyone gets in. The factory-fitted heater can be activated either by remote control timer or automatically thanks to temperature sensors.

“The level of technologies available means that Vauxhall customers can expect a higher level of comfort, even in the colder winter weather,” said Stuart Harris, Vauxhall’s Head of Carline Brand. “The optional heater and heated windscreen help to get drivers on the move quicker, even on frosty mornings.”

The heated seats and steering wheel are also operational when start/stop is running. By switching on the heated rear window, the heated wing mirrors are activated for further improved visibility to the rear.