'Electric Revolution’ Arrives in Wrexham

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Arthurs, has been officially appointed one of the Peugeot network’s first electric vehicle dealers.

'Electric Revolution’ Arrives in Wrexham

The ‘electric revolution’ has arrived in Wrexham.

The area’s award-winning Peugeot dealership, Arthurs, has been officially appointed one of the Peugeot network’s first electric vehicle dealers.

And no-one is more thrilled than the dealership’s service manager Philip Corfield who is personally experiencing the dealership’s first electric van – a Peugeot Partner.

“It’s absolutely great,” said Philip.  “I drive from home to the dealership, put the Partner on charge while I am working, and it is ready for me to drive either later in the morning or back home at night.

“This really is something that we are fully incorporating into our development and expansion and I cannot speak highly enough of the performance of the engine-less electric van which is fantastic.

“At the dealership we are predicting that electric will definitely be the answer to solving pollution in our towns and cities within the next two years.”

He said he ‘couldn’t previously believe’ how easy it is to charge the van for many miles of travel in comfort – and silence.

“For anyone in business in and around Wrexham who can use our charging point the Partner is a perfect ‘partner’ – I fully recommend it,” said Philip.

“And of course the concept is going to grow and grow in the years ahead.  This is an ideal opportunity for businesses that want to be ahead and join the electric revolution.”

He said that in becoming one of the Peugeot network’s first dealers to be awarded an electric vehicle contract, Arthurs of Wrexham were investing many thousands of pounds in the concept.

“It is not only the electric charging point, where we can now charge two vehicles simultaneously, but the capability of maintaining and servicing electric vehicles,” said Philip.

“In addition to investing in new equipment, Arthurs Peugeot is also extensively training all its technicians in the servicing capability because we intend to be ahead of the game.

“The benefits to users of electric vehicles are enormous from low running costs to zero CO2’s and we believe the growth potential of this form of transport is going to be considerable in the very near future.”

He added:  “It’s a win-win for the environment, the user and the provider of electric vehicles.”