Compelling Trio Coming to Arthurs

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Arthurs are looking forward to 'compelling trio' of new models.

Compelling Trio Coming to Arthurs

Arthurs Vauxhall, the award-winning car dealer with branches in Newtown and Oswestry, has been informed by Vauxhall of the name of the third new SUV model set to join Mokka X and forthcoming Crossland X in 2017. 

The Grandland X will sit next to the Mokka X SUV and Crossland X and Arthurs say it will boost Vauxhall’s credentials in a segment which is one of the fastest growing in the UK car market 

Said Chris Venables, Arthurs of Newtown General Sales Manager:  “We will have a compelling trio of new models for 2017 that are bang on target for a sector that has seen more growth recently than any other in the UK.

“The new range now covers all bases, from an all-wheel drive SUV to a choice of two highly practical and stylish crossovers with different levels of space and equipment.

“The new Crossland X and Grandland X are additions to Vauxhall’s existing range, so along with the new Insignia, 2017 is shaping up to be one of our busiest years ever for new car launches.

“The Mokka X is a conventional seller both in our area and across the UK and we are confident these new models will bring even greater growth to our business in 2017.

“Vauxhall has also announced that they will be launching a new flagship model with the introduction of the new Insignia Grand Sport which is a large and practical five door hatchback with a coupe-like silhouette.

“The new Insignia will also have a sports tourer version before a country tourer version completes the line-up with all-wheel drive as standard and off road looks.”

Added Chris:  “This is really an exciting time to be a Vauxhall dealer and my whole sales team is very much looking forward to 2017.”