Comfortable 108 ideal around town

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Comfortable 108 ideal around town

In a review for the Evening Standard, Sarah Bradley took the 108 for a spin and was impressed by the city car’s equipment, driving experience and comfort.

“The front seats are good and supportive, and the dashboard controls are simple and easily accessed. The view up front is barely interrupted by pillars and over-shoulder visibility is well above average. No parking sensors are available, but Allure models and above do get a reversing camera. “There’s plenty of headroom and legroom up front and a decent range of stowage opportunities. The 50/50 split-fold rear seats operate easily and sit near-flat when stowed.

“On the road, the 1.0-litre engine is adequate, and the suspension damps out major impacts surprisingly well and resists floating over crests at speed. Light steering and taut body control are ideal around town and the consistently weighted steering provides confidence.”